Resale Advisors understands that your privacy is crucial and you care about how your personal information is being used. Our team values the privacy of our buyers, stakeholders and others with whom we have a relationship. We only collect and process personal data in ways which are mentioned here, and consistent with your rights under law.

What personal data we collect & why collect?

Whenever a site visitor leaves comments on the site we collect that data shown in the comments form, with the visitor’s IP address and user agent string of browser for the purpose of spam detection. When you browse through our website, you will get the option to share your personal information, such as your email address, phone number, address or location to keep you updated with the best deals and offers.

It also helps us to enhance our services by customizing information based on your needs.

When you create a member profile or write a review on the Resale Advisors, we create a personal account for you on Resale Advisors and collect the following data which is necessary. The main purpose of the data collection is to identify you as a unique user.

  • Full Name or first name and Last name
  • Secure Password
  • Email Address

How do we use this information?

We use your personal information to:

  • Deliver our services to you, including showcasing your reviews, and providing you with access to your Resale Advisor.
  • Communicate with you. We use your personal information to communicate with you about our products & services. We let you know about our terms & conditions.
  • Promote integrity and security of our portal. We make use of this information to verify accounts and activity, combat spam conduct, prevent abuse of spam and others.
  • Collect IP addresses and host names of computers from users who leave reviews and submitting. This is basically done for moderating genuine customer reviews.
  • Send you our newsletters
  • Use in creating analytical and statistical reports for our internal purposes such as audits,data analysis, fraud prevention and monitoring, in enhancing our website experience and many more.

When & to whom we share your personal information?

We will only share your personal data outside in the following conditions:

  • When you have directed us to share your personal information.
  • With affiliate companies or service providers that perform services for us.
  • In order to fulfil any requirement under regulatory or legal process.To protect our rights or prevent any fraudulent practice.
  • A main purpose of Resale Advisors is to increase the quantity and availability of the reviews made on Resale Advisors.

Updating your Companies/ Business Profiles

If you find that the information on Resale Advisors is not correct or misleading, You have the right to edit your company profile by simply logging in o your personal or business account 

Or, you can also contact us for the correction of your details.

Resale Advisors also reserves the right to block or restrict access to your business profile. If, for any reason, we block your business profile, you will get the information regarding the same through email.

Safety and security

Your personal information is processed and stored in our databases. We also take all the necessary steps to secure and protect the information to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure of this information. However, we make every possible effort to secure your information, we can’t guarantee the protection of your information